With Your Host Dave Kleinschmidt

Saturdays 9 to 10 am

As its name implies, Computer Talk is a show about computers and technology. The show premiered on November 9, 1996 on WCSI in Columbus, Indiana.

Computer Talk covers almost anything remotely related to technology. For example, in addition to talking about the latest computer hardware and software, we have talked about the Communications Decency Act (CDA), Cellular telephone monitoring, and mustard! (Check out the Mount Horeb Mustard Museum.)

Computer Talk airs from 9:00 - 10:00 AM Eastern time.

Listeners can call during the show at (812) 376-1010 or email us anytime at ctalk@wcsiradio.com.

Computer Shows

Here are some web sites for local or regional computer shows / flea markets:

AGI Computer Fairs: http://www.agishows.com/

Super Computer Sale Shows: http://www.supercomputersale.com/

Marketpro Computer Show: http://www.marketproshows.com/

If you have information on other shows in the area, email them to us at ctalk@wcsiradio.com.












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