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1997 Holiday Shopping Links!


December 27, 1997

All about horses at http://www.horsenet.com/

Syndicated Columnists on line: http://www.opeds.com/ ---> PAID SUBSCRIPTION REQUIRED!

NFL playoffs and Superbowl XXXII at http://www.superbowl.com/


December 20, 1997

Holiday Movies: Titanic, Tomorrow Never Dies, Mr. Magoo.

Built-in Orderly Organized Knowledge device! http://wcsiradio.com/computalk/book.htm

US Census Bureau City/Place population estimates: http://www.census.gov/population/www/estimates/citypop.html

Sporting News College Football Bowl Game Matchups: http://www.sportingnews.com/cfootball/bowlgames/


December 13, 1997

Christmas Light Set Recall Press Release: http://www.cpsc.gov/cpscpub/prerel/prhtml98/98041.html

Floppies for Kiddies at http://www.usacitylink.com/disks/

700+ Sites for Kids at http://www.ssdesign.com/parentspage/greatsites/amazing.html

"Not Just Cows," the internet guide to agriculture: http://www.morrisville.edu/~drewwe/njc/


December 6, 1997

Computers.com: "What to buy. Where to get it" at http://computers.com/

"Parents Guide to the Internet" at http://www.ed.gov/pubs/parents/internet/


November 29, 1997

"Hazardous Toy" List at http://www.pirg.org/consumer/products/toy/97/press.htm

No Back Roads: The Internet Meets Rural America: http://www.nobackroads.com/

The Universal Currency Converter at http://www.xe.net/currency/


November 22, 1997

The JFK Assassination page at http://pw2.netcom.com/~trumbull/jfk.htm

The Scout Report for business and economics at http://scout.cs.wisc.edu/scout/report/bus-econ/


November 15, 1997

Request a copy of your Social Security Personal Earnings and Benefit Statement at http://www.ssa.gov/

The Apple Store at http://store.apple.com/

Computer Upgrading and repairing at http://www.computercraft.com/

The COMDEX web site at http://www.comdex.com/ -- COMDEX Fall '97 is November 17-21.


November 8, 1997

Today's show celebrates Computer Talk's first anniversary! We'll be too busy giving away prizes to talk about web sites. Tune in next week for more web information.


November 1, 1997

BabyCenter at http://www.babycenter.com/

555-1212.com at http://www.555-1212.com/


October 25, 1997

Halloween Sites

"Sound Bites" at http://members.aol.com/harley101/private/hween/hhsound.html

Aunt Annie's Craft Page at http://www.auntannie.com/oct31.html

CNET TV Halloween on the Web at http://www.cnet.com/Content/Tv/Stories/Halloween/websites.html

Sites for Kids:

Curiocity's FreeZone at http://www.freezone.com/


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